A Powerful Female Fronted Hard Driving Rock Act , formed in Toronto in 2006 by Lisa Smith and Chuck Page. Stylistically, the band draws inspiration from an eclectic blend of hard rock and heavy metal giants---uniquely channeled by one of the finest and most versatile female vocalists in Canada. Known for unparalleled vocal strength and amazing stamina, easily tackling the raspy feel of David Coverdale or the extremities of Rob Halford /Geoff Tate combined with an undertone of classic styles of R n B Diva's such as Aretha Franklin',/ Etta James.  Further adding to their diversity of sound is the complexity of Chuck’s playing---a player steeped in the blues, he lists Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton among his favorites---yet equally adept at the hammering riffs and shredding required of their more metallic offerings, he creates a sound unique to himself. The rock-solid rhythm section is comprised of Peter Greco---a unique percussion stylist, loved for his power-driven yet intricate, precise and solid drum work---and bassist Tim Langan both accomplished studio musicians and live veterans of the North American touring circuit. Together, they create a unique and immediately identifiable groove and their live show renowned and a definite must see !!.

” I had the honor of performing along side this awesome band last Wednesday at Massey Hall, and WOW what an awesome sound , Just WOW , Chuck Page and Lisa Smith are a match made in heaven , the bass and drums section is flawless !!!!!!!!! THESE GUYS ROCK , DON'T HESITATE , BUY THIS ALBUM NOW , YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Brett Smith-Daniels - Endurance

The group took material they had been writing into the studio to record their highly anticipated debut album. Maze Of Souls.  Lisa and Chuck’s creative bond and unique musical synergy shine through clearly on their collaborative efforts---a collection of brilliant, hard-driving rock poised to take the world by storm. Each track is a standout, fueled by passion and crafted by experts---this is one Maze you won’t mind getting lost in.  With a memorable CD release performance at Toronto’s premiere rock venue ---Maze Of Souls has garnered universal praise and has recently received the following :

Most requested song on Women of Substance Radio , and Music Lynk's weekly Top 10 with the song "Rat" hitting # 1 nineteen consecutive weeks in a row and currently remains unbeaten on Music Lynk's Top 10 weekly countdown.

“Maze of Souls by Lisa Smith’s PowerHaus contains pristine production, sweet and high melodic guitar with gutsy, heart throb rhythms…when combined with Lisa Smith's synergistic and hard edgy vocals, and added high range lift offs, the entire album becomes a new form of Rock Journey unto itself”.  John Hart of Hart of the Music. The ACTRA Toronto News adds Maze Of Souls is:"one hell of a good album” that “will obviously live forever."

"The coming together of these two (Smith & Page) is nothing short of seismic. , Delve straight into Maze Of Souls track 6 – Rat – and get ready to rock!  Some of the best female rock vocals in an age and searing blues based lead guitar work that will remove your facial hair.-- Highly recommended. ***** Pete Whalley- England -

Since the release; The Maze of Souls  momentum continues to build :

__ Lisa Smiths PowerHaus debut CD Maze of Souls was submitted in 6 different categories 1. Best new Artist** 2. Best new Songwriter** 3. Best Alternative Album** 4. Best Producer** 5. Best Recording Engineer** 6. Best CD Package **
__Lisa Smith's PowerHaus feature on Indie Talent Radio
__PowerHaus track "The Needle" selected as Top Requested Song on Women of Substance Radio
__Lisa Smith's PowerHaus nominated "Best Live Act" by Toronto Independent Music Awards.
__ "Hour of the Wolf " a song from L.S.P.'s debut CD Maze of Souls is chosen for German Cult Film Rotkappchen: The Blood Of Red Riding Hood Movie. World wide release . A movie by Harry Sparks an award-winning writer, director,
__PowerHaus is chosen to perform at High Profile  Event "A NIGHT AT MASSEY HALL" after a year in rehearsals PowerHaus joins Great Canadian Artists on the Massey Hall Stage for yet another phenomenal rock performance.
__Lisa Smith's PowerHaus Selected by Reality Entertainment for the The Chemical Burn Soundtrack Placement Contest. LSP will reap worldwide exposure their song "Red Door"to be included the following film soundtracks: Cam Girl 2, The Photographer, Hells Dancer, The Plague currently in pre -production.
__ L.S.P. is Back in the Studio for the band's ground breaking follow up CD
entitled "612".
__ L.S.P." Partner's" with Pledge Music for the release of  612.
__  "Rat" from their debut CD "Maze of Souls" reaches # 1 on for a total of  19 consecutive weeks on Music Lynk's Top 10 Countdown
and currently remains in their Top 5.
__The birth of "612" PowerHaus's highly anticipated 2nd CD.  Musically intriguing, a lyrically provoking call out to the mystery behind it's creation. PowerHaus is close to the release of this work of genius that will not only accelerate their world exposure but lead and solidify a rebirth of music created and performed by "REAL TALENT".

-- "612" is released.  "612"  was written for every women out there that has been impacted by abuse and violence be it physical, psycological, domestic or otherwise.   Title track "612" was written in solidarity for the thousands of missing  and  murdered indigenous women of Cananda.  Having been touched by the epedemic, astounded by the attitude and deeply appalled at the complete disregard and lack of action to help and find these women,  Lisa and Chuck wrote the title track "612". 

-- Smith and Page look forward to their highly anticipated 3rd Cd currently in pre -production. More news on this soon Stay Tuned !!